Inecosolar: A Pioneer in Indonesia’s Renewable Energy Transition

Today, we bring you exciting news from the renewable energy sector in Indonesia. PT Ineco Solar Solutions, better known as Inecosolar, has recently been acquired by Yinson Renewables, the renewable energy division of the global energy infrastructure and technology company, Yinson Holdings Berhad. This partnership signals a promising future for the energy transition in Indonesia.

Inecosolar is a private electricity company renowned for its innovative contributions to the domestic market. This acquisition comes as part of its strategic expansion plans, aligning with the Indonesian government’s ambitious vision of achieving a 23% renewable energy share by 2025.

Benoît Prim, the founder and Director of Inecosolar, believes that the partnership with Yinson will play an instrumental role in the energy transition efforts in Indonesia. “Joining forces with Yinson Renewables brings new opportunities for us to contribute towards the energy transition in Indonesia. Having a strategic partner who shares our vision and understanding of the energy sector allows us to execute our plans more efficiently,” Benoît shared in a recent press release.

Meanwhile, David Brunt, the Chief Executive Officer of Yinson Renewables, acknowledged the immense potential Indonesia holds in the field of renewable energy. He stressed that “Indonesia, contributing about a quarter of Southeast Asia’s economic activity and being on its way to becoming a major global economy, is poised to become a significant hub in the energy transition. We are committed to supporting Indonesia’s renewable energy goals and ensuring a robust energy distribution across the country.”

Last year, the Indonesian government announced its commitment to reaching net-zero emissions by 2060. To this end, the State Electricity Company (PLN) has adopted a forward-looking Electricity Supply Business Plan for 2021-2030. This plan, known as the “Green RUPTL,” projects a significant increase in renewable energy, with a total of about 20.9 GW, including 4.7 GW of solar power, to be achieved over the next decade.

The plan emphasizes the crucial role of the private sector, predicting that 63.7% of Indonesia’s new solar power capacity will be developed by Independent Power Producers. In this context, the partnership between Inecosolar and Yinson Renewables is a testament to the crucial role of private sector collaboration in achieving Indonesia’s renewable energy goals.

In the coming years, we can expect to see more exciting developments from Inecosolar as it continues to contribute to the energy transition process in Indonesia. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on Indonesia’s renewable energy landscape!


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