Who We Are

Inecosolar is a subsidiary of Yinson Renewables, the renewables business unit of Yinson Holdings Berhad, a global energy infrastructure and technology company headquartered in Malaysia.

Based in Bali, we specialize in solar development, financing and contracting, offering turn-key solar photovoltaic solutions for utility, commercial, industrial, and residential customers.

" Passionately Delivering Powerful Solutions "

Our Services

Our services cover a diverse range, catering to commercial, industrial and residential sectors. We provide solar installations, financing choices, battery storage solutions, and a wide array of solar products to meet your needs

Commercial & Industrial Solar Solutions

Cut down on CO2 emissions, operational expenses and choose our high-quality solar installations. You can choose to invest or either lease the solar system with our zero upfront cost. Our solar solutions offer reliability, affordability, and demonstrate your dedication to the environment. Harness the power of solar energy and let your business shine with success.

Flexible Financing Options

At Inecosolar, we believe that financing shouldn't stand in the way of your commitment to sustainable energy. That's why we provide flexible financing options that make our solar solutions more accessible. Whether you're a commercial or industrial project, our team is here to find the best financing solution.

Residential Solar Solutions

Experience the long-lasting benefits of our proven solar installations, ensuring decades of eco-friendly energy. Enjoy lower electricity bills while making a positive impact on the environment. Are you ready to enhance your property's value and have more control over your energy consumption? Embrace a brighter, more sustainable future today.

Premium Battery Storage Systems

Our battery storage systems offers both grid-connected and off-grid capabilities. Tailored to meet your specific needs, our systems provide seamless integration with the grid when you need it, and the flexibility to operate independently when desired. Whether you require uninterrupted power supply or the ability to store excess solar energy, our battery storage systems have you covered in any scenario.

How Solar Panels Work

Learn how the remarkable efficiency of solar panels transforms sunlight into practical electricity while promoting sustainability

  • Absorption of Sunlight

    Solar panels absorbs sun rays that stimulates the photovoltaic cells, initiating a process that generates direct current (DC) electricity.

  • Conversion to AC Electricity

    The DC electricity is then passed through an inverter, converting it into alternating current (AC) electricity.

  • Power Your Home or Business

    This AC electricity is then fed into your home or business, powering your electrical appliances and systems.

Our Suppliers

Inecosolar works with top-quality suppliers from around the globe, ensuring that our clients receive the best and most efficient solar solutions available

Why Inecosolar

  • Enjoy the flexibility of zero upfront cost or choose our full payment options
  • Experience proven reductions in your electricity bill
  • Trust in our high-quality, bankable solar panels manufacturer
  • We are an all-in-one supplier which means no middlemen, and additional savings
  • We design and install according to Australian Standards
  • We thrive to deliver outstanding customer experience from start to finish
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With over six years in the industry, countless successful projects under our belt, and numerous kWp installed, we are a trusted name in solar energy

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